The HFX™ Solution

Proven to be safe and effective for painful diabetic neuropathy.

Introducing HFX spinal cord stimulation

Evidence shows that delivering mild electric pulses to the nerves interrupts pain signals to the brain, alleviating pain and improving quality of life.

Spinal cord stimulation, or SCS, is a straightforward, well-established treatment for chronic pain that’s been used for over 30 years.

SCS involves a minimally invasive implant procedure that lets you go home the very same day.


Ask for HFX for PDN

  1. Speak to a physician offering HFX
    Find out if HFX is right for you.
  2. Try HFX in a temporary trial
    In just a week, learn if HFX is right for you.
  3. Get your implant

    A successful trial opens the door to long-term pain relief.

Significant pain relief

85 %

of patients treated with HFX 10 kHz Therapy achieved significant pain relief.1

Without the side effects of conventional treatments

HFX isn’t addictive and doesn’t cloud your thoughts, cause drowsiness or constipation like pain medications do.